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the Style Network

"When I assumed the Supervising Producer position on the Style Network show Clean House I had to deal with one major problem that affected many aspects of production: how to adequately support location production needs, such as work environment and technical needs on a show that did not need a big truck. Prior to my arrival the production had used a Winnebago when on location from a local RV rental firm.
This solution was just not cutting it. We were constrained to small monitors, inappropriate seating, and space constraints…and it was embarrassing when our Execs came to set.

Our solution was Lou's Boxworx.

They have enabled us, when on location, to have a professional work environment, an appropriate creative space for our staff, and let us enter the 20th century as far as technology with their plug and play power and monitors. But most importantly they made us feel smart, sharp and professional when our execs arrived.

Oh, and the other bonus... at a price point that is similar to the cost of an RV.
It is a like a truck and not a truck but feels like a truck but does not cost like a truck.
Lou's Boxworx is awesome."

Russ Ward
Supervising Producer
Clean House
Style Network

American Idol

Pacifico Television Engineering

Miss Universe

MISS Universe



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