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This is Lou. She’s what you might call an old-fashioned modern gal.

Lou believes in living and working on the sharp side of the cutting edge. She thinks outside AND inside of The Box. But she still believes in getting things done the “retro” way…the RIGHT way. No corner cutting. She understands that in business, you get what you pay for. And it should be RIGHT the first time, no surprises (except for good ones, which she adores!)

Lou likes nice things and comfy surroundings, and thinks most people do. Lou likes drinks, men and friends the same way: Sweet and Strong. Lou thinks people should be nice to each other most of the time. And Lou likes to work hard, and laugh hard.

Lou’s got her head on pretty straight, and she will always help fulfill your production needs with style and grace. She also has “strategic alliances” with some pretty smart guys on the engineering side who help her out with the technical stuff, so don’t worry about the blonde thing.

Give her a call and see how Lou’s can change the way YOU think. Outside AND inside of The Box.

hi there

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